What is Reiki?


Reiki is a non-judgemental and inclusive spiritual practice.  It is also a complementary therapy.  Those who follow the path of universal energy live by the following principles:


Just for Today:

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be grateful

Work with diligence

Be kind


The key concepts in the practice of reiki are:





Reiki is also known as light healing and in fact the original meaning of reiki in Japanese is 'great bright light.'


Reiki healing does not usually cure people.  Healing is better described as ‘wholing’ because universal energy will work on all the different aspects of a person:  







Experiencing and practicing reiki is holistic because it will get to the root cause instead of merely treating the symptoms.  Sometimes this takes a lifetime.


Reiki is not a religion although the system of reiki has been influenced by many religions from around the world, particularly Buddhism.  In Buddhism, a life is not seen as successful because of the number of years you live, but what you do with them.  


This is the general idea behind practicing reiki:  


Understanding that life is about learning who we truly are and bringing light into the situations we face.

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Christina has been teaching, in one form or another, for most of her life. Her focus is on empowering people to gain confidence with their reiki practice and in adopting the reiki principles to enhance their everyday lives.  Reiki is both a complementary therapy and a spiritual path and her teachings focus on both.


Christina is a highly qualified instructor registered as a practitioner with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (a UK government organisation which regulates the Complementary Healthcare industry) and registered as a Reiki Master Teacher with the UK Reiki Federation. Her online courses are accredited by the International Guild of Complementary Therapists.  All of her Reiki Level 1, 2 and Masters courses, online and in-person, group or 1:1, are certified as  professionally recognised qualifications.  Christina has studied Reiki Level 1, 2 and Masters with Torsten A. Lange at the Reiki Academy London.  She has studied additional qualifications in Intuitive Reiki, Animal Reiki, Professional Reiki Practice, Reiki Science and has achieved her Reiki Diploma.

Christina's Reiki Story


I first discovered reiki seven years ago when I was on a music course.  I had never heard of a chakra before, but I could understand the concept of energy and connection through my experiences of playing music with others.  I was working as a Travel Director leading coach trips around Italy at the time, and I had definitely noticed the energy fluctuating for my groups.  I booked onto a Reiki Level 1 Course, originally out of curiosity.  I was very lucky to find Torsten A. Lange, founder of the Reiki Academy London and Hay House author, to inspire and guide my learning.  


After that first weekend, I was hooked.  I started practicing reiki every day and reiki-ing everything in sight! This was no mean feat at the time as I had a very busy lifestyle with no fixed abode, simply moving from tour to tour, group to group and place to place.  Perhaps this was why I was attracted to learning reiki in the first place:  I was looking for something.  The lifestyle which had appealed to me so much:  travel, glamour, hotels, was starting to wear thin and I was looking for a greater purpose.


I love to ask my students to track the changes that occur in their lives since starting reiki.  When I look back at my own story, I can see them very clearly:


April 2014 -  First heard about reiki

July 2014 - Received first reiki treatment

July 2014 - Offered a trial tour for an upmarket sister travel company

September 2014 - Received financial bonus 

November 2014 - Completed Reiki Level 1

November  2014 - Travelled the world:  New Zealand, California, Brazil, Chile,  Ecuador & Galapagos

December 2014 - Offered a promotion and new job based in the UK & Ireland

February 2015 - Completed Reiki Level 2

December 2017 - Bought my first home

April 2018 - Completed Reiki Masters

May 2018 - Met my husband


It seems to me that the moment reiki entered my life, wealth and love arrived too!  It goes further: using my reiki skills, I can actually focus on the things that I want in my life and set the intention to attract them.  This is far better than wasting energy worrying about the things that I don’t want.  I’ve recently discovered that this technique is quite common in sports psychology and is a way to ‘rewire your brain’ (with an extra boost from universal energy of course).


Reiki is both a complementary therapy and a spiritual path.  I have worked as a Reiki Therapist for many years and have extensive clinical experience from my position at a local hospice.  It was such a privilege to work in such a wonderful and loving environment and I really enjoyed meeting patients from all walks of life.  The service was free and patients were referred for reiki treatments by their doctors and healthcare professionals.  I met many people who I would never have seen walking through my door in private practice.  My favourites were the sceptics who were often so surprised by the results that they were unable to put their experiences into words.  One of the most moving experiences, which happened repeatedly, was that one of my patients would wake up after their treatment and comment that ‘if this is what it’s like when you die, I won’t mind it so much.’

It is a privilege and a joy to practice reiki and my passion for teaching it knows no bounds.  I am adamant that reiki can be used in EVERY situation, not just the treatment room.  Once you have learned reiki, it is with you for life and you can connect to universal energy wherever you are, no equipment necessary.  Whenever I go for any self-development work, my teachers are always so happy that I practice reiki.  They say that reiki people are more responsive and get more out of their courses.  I totally agree!  Whatever activity I’m engaged in, whether it’s a meeting at work, journaling or brainstorming, I connect to reiki and find that I can reach a whole new level.  Often when I’m meditating, I have so many ideas that I have to jump up and write them down before I can continue!

Learning reiki opens you up to a universe beyond what we can explain, yet it’s possible to feel and experience every step of the way.  I absolutely love guiding people along their spiritual journey, never telling someone what to believe, simply facilitating different perspectives and self-reflection.

During the last few months I’ve had the opportunity to connect with former students and see how they’re getting along.  I’ve been overjoyed and inspired by these conversations, listening to how fundamental reiki has become to their personal and professional lives.  Everyone’s experience with reiki is individual, we are all on our own journeys, yet, we all share the common bond of connection, light and love.

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