Joyful living with Reiki

What has given me the most joy this week? Looking at the faces of people that I'm working with, beaming out at me. Faces which at the start, were not beaming. Seeing worries and cares visibly falling away, week by week, the more we are working together with universal energy. What brings you the most joy?

I was inspired by a video from the fantastic @alyssanobriga to write a 'Joy Journal.' I added my own little twist, inspired by the amazing @rosemarycunningham: connect to universal energy and write down 'I am joyful' 11 times at the end of the day followed by five things which brought me most joy during the day.

At a time of much confusion and change, this practice is helping me to focus on the things which are most important: the things which bring me most joy. I can use the information collected in this journal to sculpt my life and invest time in what brings me most joy.

If this resonates with you, why don't you start? Set yourself a goal of seven days and see how it goes.

With joy and love,


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