Have you given yourself much space lately?

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Have you given yourself much space lately?

Space. S P A C E. Have you given yourself much space lately? Try it. Leave a gap. See what comes to you. Is it something unexpected?

So often, we try to fill our time constructively. We try. But sometimes when we are trying, it feels forced and tiring. How about being? Simply be. Try it, just for 5 minutes. I dare you.

Let me know how it goes!

I recently read a book called ‘Trying not to Try’ by Edward Slingerland. He talks about ‘flow’ and about how a person living in flow attracts people and inspires trust. If we are trying too hard, we get in the way of this process.

Trying hard in trying times is not a good combination. Try being instead. Create space. See how it works out for you…

For me, learning Reiki has helped me exponentially in my abilities to simply be. If you would like to experience the effects for yourself, I would be happy to guide you. Get in touch for a complimentary 30 minute discovery call today!

Wishing you peace,


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