According to Aristotle, We Are What We Do Every Day: We Are Therefore, Our Habits...

Who is Christina Costa?

Christina Costa is motivated to wake up early

Christina Costa is a loving wife, daughter, sister and friend

Christina Costa loves nature and walking

Christina Costa loves to self-reflect

Christina Costa writes down her ideas and shares them with others

Christina Costa breathes when she feels fear and turns it into excitement

Christina Costa meditates with Reiki

Christina Costa connects to universal energy and heals her body, mind and soul

Christina Costa proudly promotes her business successes

Christina Costa works with people to facilitate new perspectives

Christina Costa studies human behaviour as described in literature, tv and film

Christina Costa reads prolifically

Christina Costa loves to sing and play Brazilian bossa nova, forró and jazz

Christina puts essential oils in her water to drink, to bathe and to diffuse

Christina loves to eat fruit and vegetables as part of a healthy diet

Christina loves to have fresh flowers around her home

Christina loves wearing soft and fluffy apparel

Christina prioritises deep, undisturbed sleep

Christina is attracted to the colour teal

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