7 Reasons Why I Love Teaching Online Reiki Courses

Online Reiki Courses
7 Reasons Why I Love Teaching Online Reiki Courses

1. Online Reiki courses can be delivered in weekly bitesize chunks. Avoid overload and maximise your focus to take in information!

2. Online Reiki courses are available to everyone, even those with physical limitations who could not ordinarily participate.

3. Online Reiki courses are more closely aligned to the traditional format of teaching weekly seminars over a longer period of time

4. Online Reiki courses offer the opportunity for weekly ‘homework’ tasks. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit, so there is the opportunity to form the habit of a daily spiritual practice during the course itself.

5. Online Reiki courses are available to the busiest of people! Reiki offers great benefits to those who are stressed and overwhelmed. A weekly session is much easier to fit into a busy lifestyle and for those with children and family commitments.

6. Online Reiki courses foster connection to your habitat and create new associations with the spaces that you live in. This makes it easier to continue your practice after the course has finished.

7. Online Reiki courses are not limited by space so people from all over the world can join. We are creating an international community and have much to learn from our different approaches.

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