Reiki Principles and Good Vibes Meditation

The Reiki Principles are the way to bring a reiki mindset into your everyday life.  They are:

Just for today:

Do not anger

Do not worry

Be grateful

Work with diligence

Be kind.


Kotodamas, aka 'good vibes' are often chanted.  The kotodamas represent the three aspects of the universe:  the physical, the spiritual and the awareness of oneness.

This meditation is a journey through all five principles and all three kotodamas.

  1. Please find a quiet place to sit comfortably with your feet on the floor or cross legged.
  2. Place your hands in gassho (prayer position). 
  3. Set your intention "I am now connecting with Christina to receive reiki."

Please press play when you are ready.



Reiki Principles and Kotodamas Meditation
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