Hi I’m Christina and I’m a Reiki Teacher!


You might be wondering - what is reiki?  Well in Japanese reiki means two things: ‘great bright light’ and ‘the energy healing system created by Mikao Usui.’
In the west the system of reiki is understood to be a complementary therapy and a path for spiritual development.
What benefits do you get from learning reiki?
  • Move from wondering if there’s more to life to actually experiencing physical sensations.
  • Growing intuition and trust in yourself and the world around you.
  • Ability to instantly ‘check in’ with your spiritual self, anytime, any place.
  • Increasing ability to gain a higher perspective and step back from everyday problems.
  • Increased capacity to make space to act consciously instead of reacting.
  • The tools to develop a deep sense of love and worth for yourself.
  • The tools to know yourself, in every aspect, gain clarity and act in alignment with your true values.
Of course, you will also learn all the traditional material, including:
  • Attunements
  • Meditation techniques
  • Breathing techniques
  • The Reiki Principles
  • How to do a self-treatment
  • How to treat others
  • How to give reiki to animals
  • How to give reiki to plants, food, drinks, spaces and situations
  • The vibrational levels of reiki in the universe as physical energy, spiritual energy and awareness of oneness
  • The Reiki Symbols
  • How to send a distant treatment
  • Intuitive Reiki
  • Byosen Body Scanning
  • Changing bad habits with reiki (affirmations)
  • Getting to the Root of a Problem
  • Setting up a professional reiki practice
  • How to attune others
  • How to teach reiki
  • Reiki as a spiritual path.
Everything that I teach is based on the authentic Japanese teachings. My ‘pedigree’ or reiki lineage, goes back to the founder of reiki, Mikao Usui, in both the western and eastern traditions.  The western tradition mainly focusses on reiki as a complementary therapy, the eastern tradition focusses on reiki for personal and spiritual development. My courses include both.
My experience working as a Reiki Therapist in a clinical setting has given me a wealth of experience to share with my students.
I keep coming back to the monthly 1:1 format time and time again because it produces the best results! My students are able to spend one month absorbing and implementing what they have learned in their intensive 90 minute lesson. Each month we build on the month before and open up more deeply to reiki.  Reiki becomes second nature in everyday life. We are able to build momentum by flowing directly from Reiki Level 1 (four months) to Reiki Level 2 (five months) to Reiki Masters (seven months). Often big things come up in the lives of my students during this time.  Coincidence or synchronicity?  We are able to work directly with these situations and discuss how reiki can be applied to them. The student receives accountability and support to progress each month. 
1:1 training is usually £197 per month, however if you sign up by the end of October I have a few remaining places left at £157 per month.  Please sign up below and then we can arrange a convenient time for our monthly lessons.
I can’t wait to work with you!
With light and love,
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