Hi I’m Christina and I’m a Reiki Teacher!


Most of my students agree that the most mind-blowing moment of a Reiki Level 2 course is learning how to send a Distant Reiki Treatment.


It most definitely needs to be experienced to be believed!


We might have learned at some point the theory of Einstein and quantum physics -which tells us that everything is connected at a quantum level and that time and space ‘bend’ in relation to the only constant in the universe which is light. 


However, through Reiki, we are able to progress from theory to experience.  We have sensations in our palms and phenomenally actually receive feedback from the recipient that it works! A reiki treatment also works when it is ‘sent’ over distance and even time.


In reality, we are not sending anything.  We are simply remembering that we have been connected all along.  That time and space are a perception and not the ultimate reality.


Just think about how ‘time flies,’ for example when we’re on holiday.  Or how it creeps by when we’re doing something we hate. How we think of someone and then they call.  How little we actually know about how our brains work.  How the universe works.  How our perceptions can mislead us – have you ever thought the train was moving and then realised it was the one next to us?


And so, I have created the simplest format possible for those who would like to receive a Reiki Distant Treatment from me:


Simply purchase the treatment and fill out a form requesting your treatment time.  I will send you the distant treatment to arrive wherever you are at whatever time you request.  Please do not feel shy about requesting a particular treatment time – this is one of the major advantages of a Reiki Distant Treatment!  If you would prefer the treatment late at night or early in the morning, then no problem – I can simply carry out the treatment the evening before and ‘time’ it to arrive when requested. 


I always suggest that you leave extra time before and after the treatment – you can lie there for as long as like after the treatment has ended!  No need to drag yourself back to the here and now and drive home like you would after an in-person treatment.


This is what Sushila experienced:


“I felt a lot of warmth and calmness during the treatment a lot of positive changes happening in my life since with regards to connection and trusting my own inner guidance.”


This is what Darren experienced:


“Both my hands felt like they were on fire, about 100 degrees. A very powerful energy experience. I felt really calm and relaxed after.”


This is what Ali experienced:


“Happier/feel quite serene afterwards, plus I feel balanced and grounded and therefore, more able to cope with life’s hiccups and bumps in the road!”


I’m so privileged to be able to offer Reiki Distant Treatments and please be reassured that Reiki is completely safe for everyone.  There are no contra-indications even if someone is taking medication or pregnant. Your treatment includes support by email as sometimes receiving reiki brings out an emotional release.  Please know that I am here for you and can offer many levels of guidance and support. 


With love and light,


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