How To Lose Weight With Reiki

Aug 19, 2021


  • “If you feel resistance, go within and ask yourself what you need”
  • Are you hoping to lose weight and wondering how reiki can help? In this episode learn five ways to lose weight with reiki.
  • “Reiki is not just for the days that you’re feeling good. It’s actually especially for the days that you’re not feeling so good.”
  • We often ignore our feelings, we ignore the fact that we might need a break, that we might need more sleep, that we might need more water. We ignore them, and the more we ignore them, the more they build up and then they come out in some kind of explosion.
  • Looking to understand more about the reasons you eat? This episode helps you learn how to slow down and listen to your body.
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[Please note that Christina filmed this entire episode in one take, unscripted! This is a transcript of the exact words that she used while she was speaking extemporaneously and is unedited.]


Hi, I’m Christina Costa and welcome to my reiki corner.  This week I want to talk to you about how to lose weight with reiki.  So, like many of you, I’m sure, I’ve put on a few kilos or pounds during the pandemic and so I’ve really been on a weight loss kick this year and I wanted to share how, among many things, I’ve also been using reiki to help me.  And it’s good, I’ve lost 6 kilos so far so I’m very happy! So here are my five pointers for how to lose weight with reiki.


Now I just want to say that if you haven’t been trained in reiki, so if you haven’t had an attunement to reiki, you can still do this, but when I say reiki, instead of connecting to reiki I want you to connect to, or simply imagine, energy in the universe and a good thing to imagine is the feeling of love.  Remember the feeling of love, the tingly, the fuzzy feeling? So connect to this lovely energy that’s all around us in the universe and use that instead because it’s basically the same thing.


So how to lose weight with reiki:


  1. Connect to reiki before you eat.  So, you might be thinking at what stage? I’m talking about when you’ve got all the food on the plate, it’s on the table, you’ve got your knife and fork ready, and you’re about to take a bite. So before you do that, I want you to just take a minute, close your eyes and you can place your hands above your food and just intend to send energy, reiki energy or normal energy of the universe, to your plate of food.  Just focus on the sensation in your palms or that sensation of love.  Just stay like this for a couple of minutes.  You’ll notice yourself feel calmer, you’ll notice your breathing slow down, and this all helps us to be in a state where we can eat more mindfully.  So that brings me to number two which is…


  1. Breathe! I don’t know about you, but I have moments sometimes when I just want to eat everything quickly and it’s almost like I forget to breathe. So breathing is a really good idea before you start to eat, probably a good idea generally, but particularly here. So whilst you have your hands above the food, probably your breathing will slow naturally so a good thing to do is:


Not to change your breathing, but simply observe it.  And observe your body, which does this all on its own, it’s really so magnificent. 


So just observe what your body is doing:  the movements, the chest going in and out, the breath, and this is so good because it really connects your mind to your body and this is really the essence of mindfulness.  You’re connecting, you’re not trying to stuff everything down really quickly whilst looking at something on your phone.  So a quick recap:  number 1, is reiki your food before you take a bite, number 2 is breathe. Now number 3 is…


  1. If you feel any resistance to numbers 1 and 2…. We all know that one day you might wake up feeling all love and light and peace and love, but other days you might just think ‘this is a load of rubbish! I’m fed up with all this telling me what to do!’ And you you might feel a real resistance to sitting down and doing this before you eat. So, that’s ok, absolutely ok! This is part of it. 


Reiki is not just for the days that you’re feeling good.  It’s actually especially for the days that you’re not feeling so good.


So, if you’re feeling resistance to numbers 1 and 2, if you don’t want to pause, if you don’t want to breathe, this is a really good time to actually instead of focussing on the food, focus on yourself.  When I do this, I like to place my hands over my heart as well, I feel this really connects me to my heart centre, to my body. And just ask yourself ‘how am I feeling?’ Then wait and just see if an answer bubbles up, from somewhere deep within you.  And then once you get an answer, you can ask yourself another question, which is ‘what do you need?’ It may be something very simple: you might need a nap, you might need a break, you might need to go for a walk outside, you might be thirsty, or indeed you might need to eat. But it’s really good to add in this step if you’re feeling any resistance to pausing before you eat.  The resistance is a pretty good sign that you’re eating for another reason, maybe because of your emotions, or because we all have a lot of reasons why we actually eat, as well as eating when we’re hungry. So, number 3, if you feel resistance, then ask yourself how are you feeling and what do you need.


  1. Give yourself what you need. This sounds so simple, it’s almost like, why do I have to say it?  It’s because we don’t do this. 


We often ignore our feelings, we ignore the fact that we might need a break, that we might need more sleep, that we might need more water.  We ignore them, and the more we ignore them, the more they build up and then they come out in some kind of explosion.


So, number 4, give yourself what you need.


  1. Figure out an ‘I am’ statement that is in the present and is positive. To do with losing weight, if that’s what you want to do, you might wish to gain weight or have something else you want to change around your eating habits, so obviously you can tailor this to your specific needs. But, choose an ‘I am’ statement that’s in the present and positive, it has to be something that you believe. So, if you choose, ‘I am slim,’ but you’re actually feeling really fat, it’s not going to help you that much because you don’t believe it yourself.  So it might be better to say something like ‘I am choosing healthy foods.’  Because, in this moment that’s something you can actually do.  Does that make sense?  Another one would be ‘I am making healthy eating choices.’ This is the one I wrote down earlier!  So ‘I am’ statements are really helpful and the more you repeat them, the better. I tend to repeat them in the morning and in the evening, which is when I do reiki practice anyway, as I like to start the day and finish the day with reiki.  So, I like to put in whatever things I’m working on. And I love to do this technique because it changes worry to putting energy into what I want instead.  So instead of having this worry every time I wake up and look in the mirror, thinking ‘oh no, I’m really not looking very good, I don’t fit these clothes anymore,’ because these worries bring you down.  So instead of that, you can actually figure out a statement, that you can believe that is going to help, ‘I am making healthy eating choices.’ And so you can start your day and finish your day with this statement instead. And so it’s very clever because it primes your brain to think about these things during the day and because it’s positive you’ll feel good about yourself, and then you’ll get into this positivity loop and it will improve!


So I really hope that you found this helpful, please, please, please comment below, I want to hear your feedback, I want to know about your journey, I want to know about how it’s going.  Of course if you want to find out about reiki, I would be very happy to impart knowledge to you, whether that’s online, in-person, in a 1:1, so yes, stay tuned, remember to subscribe and I’ll see you next week! Thank you.

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