How to Work with Reiki to Change the Energy When You're Having a Bad Day

Sep 22, 2021


  • “Taking action gets results.”
  • Are you having a bad day and want to know how reiki can help? In this episode, learn how change up the vibe with reiki in five steps.
  • “Do something, take action and then just gently feel, you know, feel your sense of satisfaction for doing the action.”
  • “Gratitude has this power: it instantly rises you rises you up raises your vibration.”
  • “Being vulnerable enough to acknowledge the good sides and the bad sides of you takes a lot of courage.”
  • Do you want to learn easy methods to snap yourself out of a negative spiral? This episode gives you the power to do just that.
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[Please note that Christina filmed this entire episode in one take, unscripted! This is a transcript of the exact words that she used while she was speaking extemporaneously and is unedited.]


Hi it's Christina costa from Christina Costa Reiki and welcome to my weekly reiki corner.  So today we are getting real we're going to talk about how to change your energy when you're having a bad day. I am having a bad day right now, look, you can tell by my hair!  I'm wearing my cuddly jumper which is something like a duvet and we're going to talk about how to change the energy when you're having a bad day.  When nothing's going wrong, nothing's going right, sorry – see everything's going wrong!  And you just want to change things and change the energy. I will be talking about connecting to reiki later on in this video but if you haven't learned reiki yet then don't worry, you can simply connect to energy in the universe. Think of a nice warm fluffy fuzzy feeling, love basically, and connect to that energy. That will be somewhere along the lines of how it would feel to connect to reiki. So right, so what's going on right now: I am all over the place, I'm distracted, I’m feeling emotional, I'm feeling a bit anxious.  I've done a bit of yoga and I’ve done a bit of meditation but I'm still feeling like this it hasn't quite kicked it.  So what do I do? How do I change up the energy? I've got five steps that have helped me today so I really hope that they help you too - please write in the comments because I love to feel that it's helped other people as well.


1. Do something easy. So just do a task that's super super easy, one small even seemingly insignificant task. Do it. The easier the better: taking action even if it's a teeny tiny small step is going to help you. So - do a task. Mine was simple, I went to the bank.  I got in the car, I drove to the bank and I drove home again but at least I did something.


Taking action gets results


2. Focus on your achievement. However small, you still manage to achieve something. Focus on that achievement and manage to do something. Take it a bit further and focus on what you actually do have right now, in this moment, in the present. What do you have right now? We're going to practice this together, so if you've learned reiki you can now put your hands in gassho and connect to reiki. If you haven't learned reiki just put your hands palm to palm and connect to that feeling of love in the universe.


I want you to focus on what you do have now.


I want you to think about your gratitude.


Really foster your sense of gratitude for what you have right now.


I'll stay like this for a couple of minutes and then when you're ready say thank you to reiki and just come back to the here and now and just observe how you're feeling in your body. I’m already feel much calmer and I already feel much more balanced and much more secure.


Gratitude has this power: it instantly rises you rises you up raises your vibration.


It snaps you out of a negative spiral and the trick is getting yourself out of the spiral to practice being grateful… Because some days if someone tells you to be grateful you want to punch them in the face! I totally get it, that's why I think step number one is so important:


Do something, take action and then just gently feel, you know, feel your sense of satisfaction for doing the action.


Then focus on what you've got and that naturally leads into this sense of gratitude.


3. Be totally honest and accepting of yourself.


Being vulnerable enough to acknowledge the good sides and the bad sides of you takes a lot of courage. 


Once you can accept yourself, you may find that a lot of the anxiety, worry, insecurity, just falls away.  Taking a deep, dark look at that shadow side takes a lot of courage.  Once you can be totally honest, once you can accept yourself when you're there, take a moment to just be… Breathing in through the nose, breathing out through the nose for twice as long… Don't think of anything in particular, just be…


now we're going to move on to step number four


4. Remembering who we really are: remembering that we are part of a bigger whole. A very good friend of mine shared a trick with me once which I'm going to share now.  Which is that when she was going through a bad time, she remembered that she was just one tiny grain of sand.  If you look down from the perspective of far far up high, one tiny grain of sand among many. 


When we remember that we are part of a bigger whole, it gives us perspective.


It gives us a higher perspective and helps us release our attachment from the ego.  Sometimes, we realise that the things that were worrying and bothering us are not so big.  We remember that we are all connected we're all made of the same stuff. When you talk about quantum, a quantum level ,quantum physics and so can your experience help someone else. 


If we're all connected anyway then your experience is naturally going to have a knock-on effect to those people around you.


There is another step you can take  - you can reach out


5. Take action and share. Humans are social creatures and there comes a time in your life, many times, when we simply need a network around us. A community. We can't do everything on our own. And so, even if taking action and sharing is simply picking up the phone and talking to a friend, talk about your experiences maybe it will help your friend. It could be even bigger, you could make a video and put it on Youtube. When you remember you're part of a bigger whole it's another shift:


It raises your vibration even higher when you realise that your contribution to that bigger whole is valuable.


So I hope that helped you, um please do write in the comments! Please subscribe - it makes me very happy to see in writing the ripple effect that these acts of sharing have.  So I would very much appreciate your comments and I will reply. Have a lovely week, thank you.



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